Kerrville, Texas

Easter weekend, three days of cycling through the hill country of Texas and a chance to get together with my kiddo, Mike. Yea, he’s in his mid thirties but he will forever be my kiddo. Mike’s bride is visiting friends in Washington so he opted to spend the weekend with us.

The first day of cycling was based out of Fredericksburg, Texas. I have been through this town in the past but never started a bike ride out if it. We opted to keep our days short, doing the 30 mile routes. We’ve focused so much on the van build these pasat two months that our sit bones have gotten soft so we really need to ease back into the bike saddle. Thirty mile rides, three days in a row will definitely be beneficial. Photos for day one out of Fredericksburg, well they didn’t happen. We were so enjoying the fresh air, the countryside, the views that we just hung on tight and let the miles click by. Before we knew it we were back to the van, the ride was done an we hadn’t taken a single shot! Oh well. The memories will be those in our brain.

We headed on to Kerrville, TX where we had a campsite waiting for us. Mike joined us late in the afternoon and we built a fire in the pit. So much laughter ensued as the BS around the campfire got thick. Man I loved it!!

Building this fire was way too easy! We found partially burned pine boards that were very dry, burned fast and easy. The jokes and the BS around the campfire ensued and we laughed late into the night.

Day two of riding we left out of the campground. Mike sent one of his drones into the air and followed us for a bit on the route.

The route today is one of my favorites, fantastic hill climbing. The “Good Morning Wake Me up Hills”, love them!! Sunshine, blue skies and wind; yea wind! But to be honest the wind was not at all bothersome and just added to the delight of the day.

The route was again right at 30ish miles and we totally enjoyed it. We got back to the campground and refilled small canisters of propane from our big tank. For us this is not a holiday or vacation, this is life and chores are necessary.

After chore time it was fun time with the fire … again. But tonight we roast PEEPS. It is Easter after all and Easter is all about the Peeps and the Chocolate Bunnies. We all partook in the roasted Peepery, is that even a word? Anyway, it is now. Peeps, yea, roasted over an open fire. We tried the Cotton Candy Peep Chicks as well as the traditional yellow Peep Bunnies. They all roast about the same but the sugar on the outside carmelizes and creates an internal gooey marshmallow goodness.

With a wonderful fire going we threw brauts on the grill along with aluminum packets filled with potatoes, onions and asparagas. We ate and ate, then ate some more. We had so much fun with Mike, I laughed and chuckled and then laughed some more.

Mike is such a talent. He flies several drones and created a fun video for us commemorating the weekend.

Our final morning of riding was overcast. We still enjoyed our 20 mile ride.

We got back to the camp and just chilled. Monday morning we headed out and Mike headed back to College Station. He and his beautiful bride Rachel will be moving to Connecticut shortly. I am so very proud of them both.

One thought on “Kerrville, Texas”

  1. Mike, your video is awesome!! So…I loved your Big Bend photos, especially since I got to ride through a just few weeks ago. Big Bend was really too big for my camera, and there were so many more flowers blooming during your time there. And the birds! I would just stop on the side of the road and listen to them singing. What a wonderful life you have now!!! Thanks for sharing it.


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