Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trails – Arkansas

The Salsa Fargo bikes had some “dry” fun out at Big Bend National Park but it’s time to see what these big boys are made of. Lets see how they do somewhere a bit more muddy.

This NW region of Arkansas is incredible. For the 4 days / 3 nights we were here we saw 2 other people on the trails. We only saw a handful of cars/trucks. Peaceful, absolutely peaceful. The system has two main trailhead parking areas, we chose the furthest one. The trail system is tough. The photo above is a segment, there are a number of additional trails that we never got to. Between walking and cycling, we covered all on the map.

There are natural sources for water so we filtered our own while we were here.

Hidden waterfalls and cascades were common on the trails. This is a wet area and we sure had a muddy fun good time.

Water crossings were numerous and we embraced each and every wet and muddy one. We were able to cycle through a few but others it was either too deep our too rocky, hence we pushed the bikes. Can one say Wet Feet?

Trails were muddy and sometimes a bit overgrown. We loved it. Deer ran along with us on a few occassions. We had the entire area to ourselves. These trails were hard, they were tough but the Salsas performed beautifully tackling the muddy trails with ease.

We did enjoy some gravel roads as well. This didn’t make them any less muddy but they sure were easier going. Deer seemed unafraid of us being there.

The final day of riding was the toughest with a number of water crossings as well as a downed tree over the road.

We plan to go back to this area one day and explore the numerous other trails. Some of the trails are marked “easy”, others were listed as moderate or difficult. We never tried any of the difficult trails but I wouldn’t mind walking them.

Pure Joy

Time together is precious, it’s the moments like this that bond us together. We grit our teeth, slog through the mud and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer us. Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trails are incredible and we will be back.

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