Park County Colorado

BLM, Bureau of Land Management areas are a priceless treasure here in the USA. Protected lands for our use and often time free of charge. We found our way into Colorado, punching our way through a series of strong storms blowing across the plains states of Missouri and Kansas. We opted for long days driving to get past the seemingly daily deluge.

The snow began ever so lightly, at first just a light dusting in the ditches but as we got closer to Colorado Springs, CO more and more snow filled the roadway. Colorado Springs is a remarkable city but way too many people and way too much traffic for our liking. We headed west, out of the city and into the mountains.

May 22, 2019 Camping near Lake George, CO on BLM land.

The BLM lands had ample places to park the van for an extended period. Actually, we could spend up to 14 nights here at no charge. There are no amenities other than a fire ring but we had plenty of peace, quiet and solitude.

Day 1 – May 23, 2019 was an all out snow day, weather was blustery and cold but we did manage to get out in the elements for a refreshing and brisk walk through the wood.

Snow! It’s nearing the end of May and we are covered in snow. I like it! The cold was refreshing. We pulled out the space heater to take the edge off first thing in the morning but other than that, the cold just reminded us of the high mountains and I have to say, I like it!

Surprisingly flowers flourish even in the snow. To see small cactus with buds on them, surrounded by snow was really cool.

Fun in the Snow

Day 2 – May 24, 2019 The sun is out today, the skies are bright and beautiful and we unloaded the Salsa bikes, its time for some fun. We cycled to Eleven Mile Lake and back, max grade was 12% and this was a fun workout.

We opted to take a few gravel roads. Realizing that it is Memorial Day Weekend, the dozens of campsites along these roads were filling in. We walked along some rock outcroppings and watched the Mule Deer and the Chipmunks.

By the time we got back to the van we were starving, we filled up water again and cooked up a fantastic lunch

Day 3 – May 25, 2019 There are almost no open campsites along these gravel backroads. We hopped on the Salsas again today and headed up yet another gravel road.

The BLM lands are open to all and they are equisite!

My front wheel is making weird noises and has an off feel. I checked the spokes and they feel a bit loose. Curtis agreed and when we got back to the van he tightened them up and re-trued my wheels.

A master wheel builder in action!

The cactus and other flowers flourish in the sunshine.

It’s always a great time when we can utilize a fire ring and today we were able to pull out the chairs and sit around a crackling fire. Our van, our home is proving to be an incredibly fantastic place to reside … no matter where the location.

3 thoughts on “Park County Colorado”

  1. Loving the blog. Everything is looking great too, the van, the bikes, your adventures… it’s just wonderful to see you both continuing your love of exploring – especially by cycle!


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