Friends We’ve Never Met Before – Colorado

The world really is a very small place and meeting friends for the first time is FUN! Although we’d never met before, it was as though we’d known each other for many MANY years.

A couple of years ago we were introduced to Jenn & Ron via our Crazy Guy on a Bike journals. We kept in contact and on May 26, 2019 we got to meet for the first time face to face. What an incredibly fun young couple! We spent a few days together taking in a bike ride and several walks.

Curtis, Jenn, Ron and Jenny
Enjoying a fun day on the bike trails in Centennial, CO

We left Centennial, CO on May 29th and headed on for a quick visit with yet another amazing couple, Curt and Cathy .

Curt and Cathy ride a tandem and have spent over 15 years on the road toruing various locations throughout the world. We would have loved to spend more time with them but our schedule said otherwise. But, I have no doubt that our paths will indeed cross in the future.

Kindred Spirits … NO DOUBT!

Curtis, Jenny, Curt, Cathy and their delightful Granddaughter.

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