Curtis Shaw, retired paramedic/firefighter
Jenny Shaw, retired office administrator

OK, that’s pretty vague but years ago, seeds of freedom, travel, exploration and living the incredible lives we were given here on earth were planted. We both spent way too many years merely existing on dead-end paths; going through the motions one day to the next. The exteriors were shiny for all to see but beneath we were decaying & rotting away. Our superficial life paths had gotten in the way of living, losing sight of what was truly important.

We were both in desperate need of change and once that change started there was no looking back, heading down ONE new path together. The seeds planted so long ago took root and flourished. It was time for us to start truly living again.

The quest for adventure, the thrill of “what’s around the next bend” or “what lies beyond” drives us both. We love the freedom that cycling gives us. We want to get familiar with this lovely planet we call home. For us, home is where we are together, whether that be in a tent on a mountaintop or a Hostel in Mexico, but “Home” is for us wherever we CHOOSE to be at that moment. The old saying of “Home is Where Your Heart Is” truly is weaving into the tapestry of our lives.