GPS Routing

Our daily rides are logged at  We’ve benefited greatly from countless cycle tourists that have generously shared their ride tracts and we are happy to follow suit.

Have a look at our journal pages to find the date of the ride:

ABC: Anchorage to Baja California


DEF: Down Even Further-Mexico & Central America


GHI: Grand Herculean Itinerary – South America

3 Colombia
4 Ecuador
5 Peru
6 Chile Northern
Northern Chile
7 Chile Central
Central Chile
8 Chile Southern Pt1
Southern Chile
Chiloe Island, Chile
The Carretera Austral - Chile
Carretera Austral, Chile
Patagonia Argentina
Patagonia, Argentina
Patagonia Chile
Patagonia, Chile
Tierra del Fuego
Tierra del Fuego

Use the calendar on to find the GPX track for that day.


We are using the Garmin Oregon 600 for our daily routing. A pair of rechargeable Eneloop Pro AA batteries will last about 12 hours. We carry two sets.

Our Garmins use maps downloaded from

Our daily routes are first created on (on our laptop) then downloaded to the Oregon for navigation. This is a real life saver in big cities. We also download google maps of our destinations to our phone when we have wifi as we are not connected to cell service outside of the USA.

We also try to always download Google offline maps of the area we will be in for the day on our cell phone (wifi only). On these maps we mark grocery stores, alternate lodging locations, and other items of interest. We take the phone with us when we walk around town and this map keeps us from getting lost.

Maps.Me is an app we have on our tablet and phone that allows us to have downloaded maps of entire countries available at all times. is another valuable source of offline OSM maps that work well although not very user friendly, at least for me. is a huge resource of route information and camping/lodging options. is another resource of contributed information, good in some areas and weak in others. We’ve found some amazing free camp sites with this.

These are the main tools we use for routing and navigation. What navigational tools do you use?