The Ides of March

Van conversion has consumed our waking days and the project is coming along very nicely. Check out the tab above “Van Life” for the on-going build out. We hit the road on April 7, 2019 and what is done will be done. A few minor things like trim work will wait but we are so ready to roll. Not just roll in the van but roll out of the van. We will carry at all times 4 bikes. For the most part we will carry the Surlys and the Salsas. On rare occasion we will swap out for the roadies, it will just depend on the upcoming ride details. When we roll on April 7, 2019 we will have the entire van build out documented on the tab above. It’s been a work of love and let me add, we completed in a mere 36 days from start to finish!!! Long hours, dedicaction and a whole lot of custom work. But I have to say the finished product is amazing. Stay tuned for details and watch the above link!!

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